michael r hardesty

ginkgo ebook

   "The Grace of the Ginkgo"

    ". . . starts out with a bang. We know immediately (the protag’s) atheism is going to be an issue in this book and we will keep turning pages to see how that plays out. Then quickly we move to great grief, and then hope. This is the kind of emotional roller coaster readers want to be on." — Writer's Digest

". . . a heart-warming tale of one grandfather’s tender
devotion, a story splashed liberally with humor and a few stabs of darkness." Southern Literary Review

"A heartfelt [grand]parenthood tale that elicits laughter and tears in equal measure." — Kirkus Reviews

". . . a novel that breaks out of the inspirational
fiction genre thanks to Hardesty’s knack for crafting
a character." — Misanthropester

"As David [Foley] flits between crudity and gentility,
the story itself seamlessly conveys the reader between
humor and poignancy, hope and despair, performing arts
and violence.  Grand Magazine

"Hardesty so masterfully gets us into the mind of his
protagonist that, when Gingko builds to an unexpectedly
violent crescendo, the unanticipated climax seems utterly
plausible and entirely justified." Empty Sink Publishing

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